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Professional Writing

If you need help with professional writing, whether it is for Resumes, Cover Letters, Articles, Research, Press Releases and/or Narratives, we can help you – and when you work with us, you only get the most dedicated and excellent help.
We offer many other written services apart from the ones listed above.
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Creative Writing

What a joy it is for us to write creatively! Having worked with top projects (which resulted in coveted recognitions, e.g. top 10 in GoodReads), we can help bring your idea to life! Whatever it may be  – Stories for kids/youth/adults, Books, Articles, Poems, Lyrics, Reviews, Advertisements – almost ANYTHING, we’re the ones for you!
We offer many other written services apart from the ones listed above. 
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Proofreading & Editing

Need an extra pair of eyes and someone with great flair for language? Look no further! Having proofread and edited many works, we are confident in our skills. With eyes like a hawk, no errors will get past us, and you’ll be left with only the BEST version of your work! 



If you have anything you need written well, look no further! You’ve found the experts to help you!
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Our prices are like our services: ONLY THE BEST in the market! 

💛  Proofreading and editing

Wrong grammar or a mistake can really put off your readers, giving the impression that you’re not professional. With eyes like a hawk, we’ll scrutinise your every word and make sure you only put out the best! Very rarely do you stumble across services which include both – proofreading AND editing. Usually, they are seperate services. However, with us, we’ll not only proofread your work, but we’ll also provide relevant editing notes.
Working with us guarantees thoroughness.

5000 words – 100 USD
10,000 words – 185 USD

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🎭  Creative Writing

We’ve worked with people from all parts of the world, and very often, their product goes on to do very well! We’ve done National creative projects, drama scripts, top stories (under bestsellers in GoodReads) and many more!
We can work under NDA’s if that is what you want, and we’ll work continuously with you until you’re happy with the final product.

Your perfect story is just one order away!

1000 words – 60 USD (without research – research provided by you)
1000  words – 70 USD (WITH research – provided by us)
5000 words – 325 USD (with research)
5000 words – 275 USD (without research)

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❄  Professional Writing

Our writers are Literature degree holders from a top university in Australia. Similar to creative writing, we have worked with people from ALL parts of the world, with many of the materials that we worked on, going on to receive National and International recognition, awards and scholarships.
We will happily ghostwrite for you, if that’s what you’re after (we do NDA’s). Order with confidence, and watch us transform your idea into a masterpiece.

1000 words – 60 USD (without research – research provided by you)
1000  words – 70 USD (WITH research – provided by us)
5000 words – 330 USD (with research)
5000 words – 280 USD (without research)

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   Resume & Cover Letter

Your Resume and Cover Letter will be one of the most important documents you’ll ever have.

Struggling with your Resume and Cover Letter? Finding it hard to convey your character and assets through words? Let us help you! We’ll work together to make sure your Resume and Cover Letter is the best it can be! Usually, Resume and Cover Letter writing services are seperate. When you work with us, we combine both services, while not charging for the Cover Letter writing cost – that’s on us.

Resume and Cover Letters are crucial for first impressions and very often, they carry a great weight to how you are perceived. So give yourself the best chance, by working with us!

Basic (Entry Level) Resume & Cover Letter – 80 USD
Professional Level Resume & Cover Letter – 120 USD
Mid-Career Level Resume & Cover Letter – 150 USD
Specialised Level (specialised fields, with specific keywords) Resume & Cover Letter – 180 USD

💎  Others

Need something done that doesn’t fit into one of the categories above? Email us! We’re sure we’ve tackled it before and can assist you to achieve excellence!

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Get To Know Us

Having worked with TOP projects in writing that resulted with coveted recognitions and books being part of the top 10 in GoodReads, writing is a breeze!

We’ve worked with blogs, lifestyle magazines, newspapers, books, government and private schools, music studios (for press releases) and many more!

Plus, we’re marketing experts when it comes to the written art form – we’ll be able to utilise our experiences to produce only the best pieces for you. One that will capture the attention of your readers! Should you need samples of our writing, let us know.

So whatever you need help with, we can help you! And yes, we can also work under NDA’s.

To start working with us, send us an email, and we’ll customise your order link! We’re here to help you excel, and to create the best pieces for you.


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For ANY order enquires, please email us at: connecttothekingdom@gmail.com

We want our working relationship with you to be personal, so that you have our contact and know how reliable we are. Hence, all orders are done once you’ve emailed us a description of the service you’ll need (a PayPal order link will be sent after).

We’re so excited to work together!

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They are very talented – their writing is powerful and real. I will definitely be recommending their services around!

Nashville, USA

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The editing and proofreading quality given was extremely thorough. They work well under tight timelines and are very quick to reply. Indeed they are a reliable group of people.


Essex, United Kingdom

Go above and beyond!

I purchased Creative Writing help from The Writing Kingdom and they exceeded my expectations. They went beyond what they were supposed to do and thought out of the box. I am very pleased with my result!

Melbourne, Australia

Great skills!

Very pleased with my results – they take instructions well and can work with any idea! 


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